Since 1959, Nationwide Homes has been building Eco-Cottages in 14 states along the southeast part of the U.S. The simple modular designs range from 250 to 513 square feet, with one bathroom in each design and up to one separate bedroom in the larger cottages. The pre-fabricated designs offer a sustainable option for hunting cabins, private guest houses, or separate work studios located right outside your home.

Some of the standard eco features include a tankless hot water system, LP Smart Siding, HD laminate countertops, and a PEX Supply plumbing system. A few of the personalized eco features include hardwood, laminate, or bamboo flooring at $7.00 – $7.25 per square foot, flood lights for added security at $44 each, a total home protection system with generator backup for $8,000 – $9,000, thin-film solar installation, Glass Tech windows, and a Bose audio system if you plan to use the space for guests or entertainment.

The compact, minimalist design offers plenty of natural light, making it a great space in all environments that is self-sustaining, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-efficient.

If you’re interested in an Eco-Cottage, you can find more information on how to get started at, or by contacting the company directly at 1-800-216-7001.

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