First Unity Prefab Assembled in Three Days

A couple months ago I mentioned the launch of Unity Homes, a new brand of prefab homes by Bensonwood, and this is the first Unity home.  It’s located in Brattleboro, Vermont and the on-site assembly took just three days — with a weather-tight shell in two days.  The Xyla plan has factory-built wall and roof panels that are wrapped and shipped vertically.  The walls are guided in place with a crane and anchored, and then the roof panels are set.  After that the crew works on taping seams, installing trim, and finishing the siding.  It’s quite the process!

[+] More about the first Unity Home in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Credits: Unity Homes.

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  • bobcorrigan

    Congratulations to everyone at Unity Homes for the first build – can’t wait to see a Varm go up!

  • ChKen

    Hmmm…my original post was removed? What, did it read too much like an ad for the window manufacturer used?

    • Preston

      Not sure what you’re talking about. Posts with links go to automatic review but I didn’t see one or otherwise remove anything.

      • ChKen

        No, no links. It must have just disappeared on its own. Disqus does that every once in a while.

        I just mentioned that the houses look great and that I have the Loewen windows and they perform very well.

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