Shipping Containers used in Multi Family Home Build

Shipping Container Home

Shipping Containers will be used in a luxury multifamily home build; the site of construction is located in Detroit and will start in early 2013. Recycling 93 Shipping containers, this project is thought to be the first in the US and the hope is to easily replicate the build.

Three Squared Inc (environmental consulting firm)  is the company behind the Rosa Parks condo project and it was designed by local architect Steven Flum. The containers will be converted and stacked to make a 4 story dwelling which will make 20 separate liveable units, each with ducted reverse cycle air and tankless water heating. The actual construction time per unit and cost efficiencies make this project attractive, though the total costs will be a test as to the feasibility of future multifamily container home projects.

This is an interesting project, as it will offer a significant price reduction on singular dwelling container home projects. We will follow this closely and keep you updated on the progress when more information is released.


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  • iGOZEN

    I have always loved the look of the shipping containers and them being used for living purposes. I know they have junk yards that are filled with old shipping containers just sitting around rusting and taking up space.

  • CherokeeWestEnterprises

    I’m interested in how they will handle the original flooring. Anyone have any details?

  • disqus_CZBIf5sQaf

    A FABULOUS IDEA! Should have been done decades ago! As the U.S. housing crisis ensues maybe this CAN be an economically viable solution for millions of people. Personally, I would very much like to make a few suggestions as to how this concept can be implemented across the entire USA. KUDOS to Mr. Steven Flum who obviously has a brilliant imagination within his GOD-Blessed brain and knows how to use it – - which is seemingly becoming a rarity in many of todays young generations.

  • Actof Courage

    Glad to see somebody doing it, again US light years behind other countries in using these. It’s a start and I LOVE the name

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