Modern Moop Coop for Hipster Chickens

If you want something more in a chicken coop, we know of a few stylish options.  Like Moop, for example, the Modern Coop for Design-Minded Chickens.  This is designed by prefab and architecture firm Nottoscale and includes four cantilevered nesting boxes, hinged side-panel walls for easy access, a redwood screen for ventilation, a removable tray for easy cleaning, predator-proof latches, extra-strength chicken wire, and custom watering accessories.  Moop is priced with one run ($600) or two runs ($800), and the water accessories sell for $95 each.

[+] More about Moop coop by San Francisco-based Nottoscale.

Credits: Nottoscale. 

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  • FHorse

    Another disgustingly overpriced hipster chicken coop. Learn to make one like it yourself for $100 in matrials, and save the other $500 for several other green projects.

    • k o

      It’s not the time or energy I lack to build my own coop, it’s the tooks and the knowhow. I want to be sure they’re safe ane I don’t trust sumething I build.I can put anything together with minimal
      instructions but to build it myself?. I’d rather buy one and be safe.

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