Portland-based Terra Bona Materials launched Terralite Cement at Greenbuild this year hoping to deliver a product that meets the energy-efficiency demands of the greater building science community.  Terralite is a “lightweight” product made with cement and an aggregate that includes expanded polystyrene.  Marketing materials claim the product is 20% of the weight of traditional concrete and, according to company president Terry Cotton, insulative with an R-value of 1.8 per inch.

The standard wall system is 10 inches thick, said Cotton.  And Terra Bona claims the new product is suitable for roofs, floors, and walls with “increased strength over cellular concrete, predictable mechanical behavior, significant sound control, and is fire resistant.

Terralite Cement can be purchased from selected distributors and also directly from Terra Bona Materials.  Distribution is currently being established in the Northeast USA, Midwest, and certain markets in Southwest and California, said Cotton in an email to Jetson Green.

[+] More about Terralite Cement by Terra Bona Materials.

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