Omni Block is an Insulated Concrete Block

I noticed in Dwell‘s Prefab edition that one prefab was partially built with an innovative concrete masonry unit (CMU) by Nevada-based Omni Block.  Omni Block is a structural CMU filled with Expanded Polystyrene inserts.  Walls with Omni Block can be finished or, in the case of the Simpatico project (see below), left exposed for a modern interior or exterior.  The manufacturer says the material is fire resistant, durable, and thermally efficient, and the blocks come in colors or with special aggregates.

[+] Watch some video of a mason installing an Omni Block wall.

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  • Doug Bursnall

    Looks to have plenty of thermal bridging, not sure what benefits this has over standard ICF’s.

  • ChKen

    Doesn’t seem to have any thermal advantage over ICFs but I suppose it has some installation advantages as a mason can stack and mortar them in the usual manner, no need for exterior finishing, or interior if you like the look, and no concrete and pump truck to hire.

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