There’s a container house in Nederland, Colorado, and soon there will be one in Boulder, too. It’s believed to be the first such project in Boulder, and showcases a design by M. Gerwing Architects for couple Mark Gelband and Courtney Loveman, according to a recent article on the Boulder Daily Camera. The design of the eco-friendly home was driven by the solar shade ordinance, a neighbor that wouldn’t help with the variance, and a challenging narrow building site (more detail here).

Located at 505 College Avenue, the 2,800 square foot home will have extensive windows, a cantilevered second-story master bedroom, and a solar array that stretches about 140 feet. The hope is to get close to net-zero energy on an annual basis.

The architect and owners met what sounds like a storm of opposition to the design, if you read the comments and quotes in this article on the Boulder Daily Camera. Colorado, as far as I’ve seen, is quite progressive, but this is a million-dollar neighborhood, so it’s kind of funny. Hello! There’s a new world of residential living that includes high-quality prefab, container homes, or modern architecture. I can’t wait to see this courageous home when complete. It’s coming together nicely.

[+] More about the Gelband Loveman Container House from the architect.

Credits: M. Gerwing Architects.