Solar Electric Bonsai Tree for the Home

Here’s an update to an old article about a tree-shaped charger powered by solar energy. Vivien Muller’s Electree+ is on Kickstarter seeking to raise $200,000 to mass-produce these little home/office gadgets here in the USA. The new prototype will be made with an 14,000 mAh internal battery, 27 amorphous silicon solar cells (each about 3.7 inches), and an easy-to-assemble tree structure that can be customized. In case you’re interested, the early bird gets in at the ground level for ~$199.00.

[+] More about the solar bonsai tree called electree+.

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  • amoyer_01

    Is this only gonna be good enough to charge a cell phone? If so I will be using the wall charger that comes with the cell phone and spend the $1-3 a year it takes to charge my phone. For 199, that is a long time for that money to ever be profitable.

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