Concrete is everywhere in construction, so I like to note what’s happening to make concrete “greener.“  CarbonCure Technologies, Inc. licenses technology in North America to make, for example, carbon-absorbed concrete blocks and other precast products.  Basically, CO2 is injected during curing — making limestone — with the end result being a stronger, greener masonry and other precast products.

CarbonCure‘s technology can be added to the existing manufacturing process in less than a day and is being used in Halifax, Toronto, and San Francisco, according to The Star Phoenix.

Specifically, the CO2 is acquired from Air Liquide, and, according to Canadian Chemical News:

Key to the process is the use of special molds designed with small perforations, similar to the tiny pin-sized holes found in air-hockey tables. Through these perforations a controlled flow of Co2 is fed from a supply tank at low pressures into freshly filled molds. As the C02 enters and mixes with the fresh concrete it reacts readily with residual calcium silicates in the mix to create limestone.

Sounds interesting … California-based Basalite Concrete Products and Toronto-based Atlas Block each use the CarbonCure process for 8-inch concrete masonry units.  In addition, CarbonCure appeared on this year’s Top-10 Products list published by BuildingGreen recently.

[+] More about concrete carbonization with CarbonCure.