Today Best Buy entered the consumer LED lighting game in a major way with two Insignia light bulb offerings from Cree.  Available exclusively at Best Buy, the 40-watt and 60-watt equivalent bulbs have the shape of a traditional incandescent bulb with omnidirectional lighting and they’re sold for $14 and $17, respectively.

These LED bulbs last more than 22 years (calculated on an average of 3 hours per day) and measure 3000 K, which is warm but cooler than an incandescent light bulb (which is about 2700 K).

The 40-watt bulb is dimmable, outputs 450 lumens, and uses 9 watts of energy, while the 60-watt bulb is also dimmable, outputs 800 lumens, and uses 13 watts of energy.  A couple of online reviews respond that the new bulb “buzzes” even if not on dimmer, so you’ll want to see if that’s a problem.

Nonetheless, the Insignia bulb by Cree has a 10-year warranty and is undergoing testing to obtain Energy Star certification.

[+] More about the Insignia LED light bulb at Best Buy.