Toto Intros Modern Dual-Flush Maris Toilets

Toto USA has released two new models of dual-flush, high-efficiency toilets in the Maris suite. They have wall-hung (starting at $450, not including the in-wall tank) and two-piece (starting at $850) models featuring a current style that pays tribute to mid-century modern design. Push for a light flush of 0.9 GPF or pull for a full flush of 1.28 GPF on these ADA-compliant, WaterSense-compliant commodes. Toto says homeowners won’t have to worry about cleaning every solid stop either — a common complaint with some dual-flush toilets — because the SanaGloss-coated, cyclone-inspired flush system “spins away debris, matter, and bacteria, which reduces the time needed to clean the unit.

[+] Visit Toto USA to find a local dealer of the new Maris.

Credits: Toto USA.

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  • Jack Barnes

    Preston, I think your pricing for the wall-hung does not include the in-wall tank system. Typically this system is 1-2x the cost of the bowl.

    • Preston

      Obviously the wall model price is for the toilet itself and not the stuff that goes between the studs. These are always priced separately as far as I’ve ever seen.

    • Preston

      Pricing for the in-wall tank piece is about $1,150.

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