Toto Launches Ultra High Efficiency Toilet

Last April, I mentioned the introduction of 1G by Toto USA and now have more detail.  Toto just launched Drake II 1G throughout North America at the MSRP of $580.  To be clear, this isn’t like the dual-flush Maris or others you may have seen elsewhere.  The two-piece, ADA-compliant, WaterSense-compliant toilet uses a mere 1.0 gallons with each flush using two jets and a Double Cyclone system to clear waste.  There is no pressure assist in the Drake II 1G; it’s a gravity-fed flushing system with a “quiet flush every time.

[+] Visit Toto USA to find a local dealer of the new Drake II 1G.

Credits: Toto USA.

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  • heartsutra

    Wow, nearly twice as expensive as the Niagara Stealth, which uses only 0.8 gallons. We just installed three Stealth toilets in our new house, and they’re terrific.

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