Modern Park Passivhaus in Somerville

This is Park Passivhaus in Somerville, Massachusetts.  The home was designed to the German Passivhaus standard and is currently being built on an urban infill lot.  With modern detailing, a slender structure, and a shapely New England form by Placetailor, also the builder, Park Passivhaus will incorporate a Zehnder HRV, two Mitsubishi Mr. Slim mini-splits, and a high performance envelope with an 18″ double-wall cavity, blown-in cellulose, Makrowin windows and doors, Fakro skylights, ZIP sheathing roof, Siga tapes, Siga-Majvest membrane, Cedar and Alucubond cladding, etc.  This is an excellent project to track, especially if you’re interested in Passive House detail.

[+] Follow the build of Park Passivhaus in Massachusetts.

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  • Garth

    Looks cool! I’m going back east for Thanksgiving and will be in the area. Where exactly is it? I’d like to meet the Builder and talk shop. I’m interested in the cladding and the Siga products they used. By the looks of it, I will probably miss the first blower door but oh well, still would like to check it out. I am always amazed by how different building can be East compared to West! I have built 2 Passive houses here in Utah.

  • lars

    Why can’t Green be beautifil and energy efficient?

  • Norbert F Hoffmann Jr

    I am impressed with your attention to detail and quality of materials i wonder how your company feels about what the Germans have done with clay brick walls and flat clay tile roofs within the envelope ? Apparently the clay eradicates all humidity Traps heat well and keeps the home cooler in summer with barely any if at all humidity and destroys mold as the home ages over time What has passivehaus done to prevent these issues as well as clay if not better if you could briefly direct me to where on your site or explain if you could ?Also do you build in Canada for our temp extremes in Northern Ontario are brutal and this seems like the home i would quite possibly like to invest in if possible !Thankyou

    • drb99

      Norbert is there an article about the clay brick process you could share?

      • Norbert F Hoffmann Jr

        Actually I cannot spec the page off hand but have read articles about housebuilding tech in Deutschland and how clay envelopes are changing record breaking insulating stats !

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