Recently I noticed a new solid-surface called Ecotec on a list of the Best New Home Products 2012 from This Old House.  It’s priced from $15 per square foot, and the manufacturer says Ecotec is “the next generation in solid surface material.“  The product is made with powdered glass content and a urethane derived from soy oil.  Ecotec contributes toward LEED credits and contains 40% recycled and renewable content.

The composition makes Ecotec stronger, lighter, and greener, according to product brochures.

Specifically, it’s 20-25% lighter than acrylic or polyester-based solid surfaces and more scratch resistant.  In addition, Ecotec is made in the USA from a Missouri-based company, highly antimicrobial, fire resistant, and available in an unlimited color palette.

[+] More about soy-based solid surface Ecotec.