When you’re generating a surplus of energy — similar to these solar-powered homeowners — having a sporty electrical vehicle seems to make sense.  EVs and plug-in hybrids are becoming more popular, and I’ve seen all sorts of garage products for charging them.  Perhaps one of the more interesting models of late is this EVSE-RS Plug-in charging station by AeroVironment.  The portable, DIY charger just needs a dedicated 240-volt service and the station can be mounted and installed in a pinch.

That means the charging system may be used by renters, because it can be uninstalled and taken to a subsequent location.  Or, one could install an additional bracket somewhere else — perhaps a cabin retreat, work, or a friend’s place — and charge there too.

The AeroVironment product is “the preferred charging station of the Nissan LEAF, BMW Active-E and Mitsubishi i-MiEV,” according to claims in a product listing with Amazon.

The EVSE-RS Plug-In is SAE J1772-compliant and UL-listed for indoor applications.  It installs on a 30A “pigtail” wall plug, and the cord is 25-feet long to accommodate more than one vehicle.  Additionally, the charger restarts in the event of a power outage, has ground-fault monitoring, and protects against live power.  The MSRP is $1,099, but I’ve seen the price drop below that when listed on Amazon.com.

[+] Buy the EVSE-RS Plug-In EV Charging Station on Amazon for $1,099.

Credits: AeroVironment.