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The Solar Homestead by Appalachian State University was the People’s Choice winner in the Solar Decathlon 2011, and now virtually anyone in the world can get the same home from North Carolina-based Deltec Homes.  Deltec, a pioneer of round prefab, will build and ship the self-sustaining home, and send royalties from their sales back to the university located in Boone.  This is apparently “the first time a Decathlon winner is being made available to the consumer,” according to Deltec Homes.

A prominent feature of the Homestead is the canopy.  Deltec provides an optional solar canopy with translucent, bi-facial solar panels or a tongue-and-groove finish (which can be retrofitted with solar in the future).

The Solar Homestead has a main house of 1,032 square feet with two bedrooms and one bathroom.  With the optional Flex OM outbuilding module, which can include a full- or half-bath with a bedroom or office, the Homestead grows 135 square feet.  Deltec also offers the Storage OMs that were in the Decathlon home.

Deltec said their new offering is designed to be a “net-zero” home with the combination of a highly efficient building enclosure and solar technology.  The construct includes fiber-cement siding, super-insulated double-stud walls, triple-glazed windows, a solar hot water kit, fresh air exchange system, and a climate-specific efficient heating and cooling system.

The company can ship a panelized building system package nationally or finish a turnkey house within about 60 miles of Ashville, North Carolina.  I’ve asked Deltec about potential pricing for both options and will update this article when I learn more.

[+] More about the panelized Solar Homestead by Deltec Homes.

Credits: Deltec Homes.

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  • amoyer147

    I saw this at the solar decathlon. A very cool “house.” If you could have them work with you to re-work the Living/Kitchen Dining area, this would be great. That was the biggest let down in this “house.” The living room was the most cramped out of all the “houses” there.

    I would like to get pricing when it gets updated. I thought there were many great things in this. If I am not mistaken I believe they were using one of the now recently defunct solar companies for their “panels,” I would guess they found a new company to supply them. I would like to know if you get the panelized system can you leave out the solar stuff.

  • Carolyn Carrothers Hight

    Any update on the pricing?

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