Blu Homes just announced a new prefab home design based on the famous Breezehouse, which was most recently featured by Sunset Magazine as the Idea House 2012. This is the eighth home design by the company, and it’s called Sidebreeze. The design features the same Breezespace with 12′ ceilings in parts, but there’s also a cantilevered second story with a master suite and balcony. This is a design that could be used when more space is needed or to take advantage of stunning views.

Pictured in some of these photos is a Sidebreeze in Orinda, California, originally built during the Michelle Kaufmann era by a former employee of Blu Homes. The current Sidebreeze design has been updated based on feedback from visitors of the Idea House and also to suit Blu’s proprietary folding modular prefab system.

Features for a 2,600 square-foot Sidebreeze include three or four bedrooms, three full baths or two full and one half bath, clerestory windows, abundant natural light, a spacious kitchen with ample counter space, a separate garage, and an optional fireplace, etc.

Other than standard features such as high R-value walls, energy efficient appliances, and radiant heat flooring, Sidebreeze is solar ready and certifiable under LEED for Homes if that’s desired by the owner. Also, with the inclusion of other available green elements, Blu Homes says Breezehouse can achieve net-zero energy status.

Breezehouse is priced from $590,000 (or $625,000 in Canada or California), and the garage addition starts at $46,500, according to Blu Homes.

If you’re interested in this home or others by Blu, the company will hold webinars on Wednesday, October 24 from 7-8 PM EST/4-5 PM PST, and Sunday, October 28 from 3-4 PM EST/12-1 PM PST.  More info available at Blu Homes Events.

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Photo credits: Mariko Reed. Home depicted above designed by Joseph & Catherine Remick. © 2012 Blu Homes, Inc. All Rights Reserved (#1-2, 5); Blu Homes (#3-4).