I mentioned the Lindal Architects Collaborative in connection with the Taliesin Mod.Fab, but here’s another situation where the LAC comes into play. As background, LAC matches architects with the Lindal building system and dealer network, and architects get a new platform for their home designs through the Collaborative.

Marmol Radziner, one of the early innovators of prefab known for modern steel and glass homes, is involved with Lindal Architects Collaborative. In fact, if you want a warm, modern post and beam home from Marmol Radziner, Lindal is where to get it. The rendering above is one of their newest designs available through the LAC.

According to Leo Marmol: “The Lindal building system gives the customer the flexibility to adapt a house to their needs, while maintaining the integrity of our designs. The 67-year old structural system also easily allows us to implement the indoor-outdoor living connection that is prominent in our design philosophy.

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