Not to be outdone by Blue Sky, itHouse, or Siegal, California-based prefab company Blu Homes has a new home that will be open this weekend in Joshua Tree.  This one was finished for Tim Disney, the great-nephew of Walt Disney and a board member and investor in Blu Homes, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

The prominent shaded decks remind me of The Solar Homestead, which was People’s Choice for a reason at the Solar Decathlon 2011. Extensive shading is a must I imagine in this desert location.

The green prefab is a “compound of Origin modules,” which are pre-designed modules by Blu Homes that start in price at $135,000 each in California. The Origin model, you may recall, was used for the co-founder’s studio.

For those you that can’t make it out to Joshua Tree for tours September 15-16, 10 am – 5 pm — register here, by the way — you can see a photo gallery of the home at the LA Times.