New Living Wall Planter by Woolly Pocket

Starting in October 2012, Woolly Pocket will have a new Living Wall Planter available for sale from $26.99, according to the LA Times.  The product isn’t soft like the standard Wally made with 100% recycled PET.  It’s made with hard recycled plastic not to include BPA and equipped with a self-watering tank.  The modular planter may be installed inside or outside and will be available in white, green, brown, gray, black, orange, and yellow.

[+] Watch for the new Living Wall Planter at Woolly Pocket.

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  • T Toole

    If the planter looks as pictured, in person, then I would say that it is quite ugly. When the aesthetic problem is solved in an affordable way, the wonderful idea of wall growing will take off, but not as is, I believe.

  • Steven Leighton

    I imagine that the photo is illustrative- to show you the planter empty and to show you one with flowers. As the flowers grow they will cover the planter.

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