I mentioned Wattvision previously, and the company is now running a Kickstarter campaign to deploy its complete the next generation of hardware, cover more types of power meters, and deploy the new hardware by about January 2013.  Wattvision 2 includes a sensor that attaches to your home electricity meter and a gateway that connects up with your internet network.  With these in place, a user can check electricity use online or from a smart phone.

Wattvision may be used to compare electricity usage among appliances or other homes using the system, track electricity costs, and find appliances that are using too much energy.  It’s an expensive solution for tracking phantom energy, but this will help with that.

The founders say the product provides a “live view” of energy use.  Feedback is in real-time, and knowledge is power.  The product is “all-American” and the company wants purchasers to be able to set up the system in about five minutes or less.  The system on Kickstarter will cost between about $175-200.

[+] More about energy monitoring from New Jersey-based Wattvision.