Viridian Reclaimed Wood, a company we first mentioned in relation to their shipping pallet flooring, recently introduced a new range of FSC-certified, reclaimed, old-growth Douglas Fir tabletops.  Co-owner Joe Mitchoff said the tabletops come from an inventory of beams reclaimed from abandoned warehouses, decrepit docks, and old gymnasiums.

The company has three versions of these tabletops, which can also be used as wood countertops: Mixed Grain (variety of grain patterns from vertical to flat with edge detail), Rustic Original Beam Face (shows character of life as a structural beam with weathered style), and Vertical Grain (has tight growth rings and nail holes showing the reclaimed heritage).

Viridian offers these tabletops without a finish or with a low-VOC finish and with thicknesses of 1-1/2″ and up, widths of up to 48″, and lengths of up to 12′.

[+] More about FSC-certified tabletops by Viridian Reclaimed Wood.

Credits: David R. Gluns.