Rocio Romero LV Prefab in Pope Valley

If you’re in the Napa County and have an interest in modern prefab, an LV Home by Missouri-based Rocio Romero will be featured in open house public tours on September 22, 2012 (register here).  So you know, the LV model comes as a fabricated kit of parts — post and beam, exterior wall panels, faux wall panels, roof framing, select connectors, and siding material — and forms the shell of a home with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and about 1,344 square feet.  We’ve mentioned at least two LV homes in the past, one in Pacifica and another in Whidbey Island, and these homes generally get finished by a local contractor for $120 – $195 per square foot with the LV kit starting at $39,500.

[+] More about the LV model prefab home by Rocio Romero.

Credits: Karl Petzke. 

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  • Chad Ludeman

    Rocio has been delivering a unique prefab product years before most of the other players we hear about and doesn’t get enough credit in this field. At last check they had delivered over twice the units anyone else in the same industry of high end modern prefab and they are probably the only ones making it truly affordable. Thanks for posting on them and would love to see more in depth reporting on how they got their start and what goes into their process.

    • Preston

      That’s a good idea, to do a more in-depth profile of the company. Along the lines of what you’re saying, handouts on RR’s site indicate that they’ve sold 163 LV models in 29 models and 3 countries. It’s an incredible number of prefab kit homes, I think. And the business model that they use allows for localize labor and materials, which can be a plus or a minus, depending on, for example, the contractor employed.

  • Vernon Hampton 2

    Rocio Romero has done what many people in the industry have attempted, in some cases unsuccessfully – to make an affordable, expandable prefab home that is both stylish and comfortable. I love the simplicity and elegance it has. I agree with Chad; she does not get the credit she deserves and I believe her accomplishments should be recognized. I think it’s a great business model, especially the customizability of the LV series homes.

  • Logo Design

    Wow this home looks amazing, when are going to share the inside photos?

  • sharkytowers

    Yep… the product exists (a major plus in this industry) AND it is made to be affordable. Most prefab is laughable in that it either does not really exist outside a rendering and if it does it is way more expensive than a straight build would be.

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