Accessory dwelling units (ADUs), urban micro homes, and tiny houses typically have space limitations and may even have energy and water constraints. So it’s critical to find appliances that are both energy-efficient and the right size — like this Ariston’s Elegance line of combination washer/dryer units. Available in white or silver, the Ariston washer/dryer is 33.5″H x 23.4″w x 22.8″D and has Energy Star certification.

The all-in-one washer/dryer has 13 washing and three drying cycles, according to 3rings, a design site where I first noticed the compact combo unit.

Other than space- and energy-savings, the combo unit is pretty convenient because there’s no need to switch loads in between the washing and drying. The machine has a 15-pound washing capacity and starts drying right when the washing is complete.

For specific pricing and availability, one can speak with an Ariston dealer, but an online search yields pricing at about $1,200.

Update 08/14/12 – we’ve received some feedback in the comments below and on Facebook relative to this appliance that you should consider, if you’re looking for a compact all-in-one washer dryer solution.

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