July Month in Review [+Thoughts]

It’s been another month, and I’m happy to have you as a reader.  I want to be honest for a second … I hope you don’t mind.  Sometime in the last month, Jetson Green celebrated about five years in publication.  Can you believe that?!  I’m just in awe of what I’ve learned and seen and covered.  There’s so much going on in just our tiny niche of “green homes.”

I should let you know that I personally never saw myself becoming a publisher when I started this site.  I started Jetson Green as an outlet for something that I’m passionate about — green homes, modern prefab, alternative energy, etc.  Increasingly, to give these topics the kind of attention worth reading, I find myself spending more time with research and less time with publishing.  I find myself reading more and writing less.  And I’m thinking more and saying less.

Some of this comes from a deep desire to avoid wasting your time.  That’s the last thing I want to do.

But some of this introspection, if you will, may come from being somewhat of a new dad with young boys.  Maybe it comes from an evolving attitude towards life in general.  Or maybe it comes from a nagging thought inside my head: “Who on earth practices law during the day, blogs at night and on the weekend, stays active in the local community, and sleeps give or take five hours a night every night for five years?”  Talk about the most unsustainable work-life balance ever.

That said, I have to say, I’m having a blast and wouldn’t change a thing so far.

What’s happening, however, is I’m seriously evaluating my trajectory for the next year.  For full disclosure, I’ve been approached a few times about selling this site, and those talks haven’t materialized because I am the site.  I get the feeling potential buyers want some sort of passive income stream or something — robots pumping out widgets for a steady line of income.  So, to make this a serious business, I need to focus on building a team, creating processes, and becoming the most dominant publisher ever.  And maybe that’s where things go.  Or maybe not.  I’m thinking about these things and will probably make some changes that you’ll notice over time.  I’ll keep you posted, that’s for sure.  But I just want to let you know that the next year should be different.  If things aren’t different, I think I’ll have failed you as a reader and myself in my own personal goals.

If you have any thoughts, please feel free to email me at preston at jetsongreen dot com. Again, I’m thankful to have you as a reader.  Keeping sending us your news and tips.

Meanwhile, here’s an outline of coverage from July.  The most shared new coverage from the month centered around shipping container projects: the bright Liray House and a faux container hotel in China.

Innovative Prefab & Other Projects:

Technology & Products Innovation:

Know-How & Other Green News:

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  • BuildGreen Solutions

    Preston – just a note to say I’ve been reading the blog for years and I find it an invaluable resource. I happen to be a ex-lawyer doing green development work with two young kids so I can appreciate how little extra time you have. Looking forward to the future of the blog.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Glad to have you as a long-time reader. The plan is to keep this as an invaluable resource with perhaps a different approach. Thanks for the support!

  • Kathleen O’Brien

    Preston, understand the need to evaluate. You are doing a great service. After nearly 30 years in the biz, I’m now focused on passing along what I’ve learned around creating sustainable solutions in the built environment with my Emerge Leadership Project. @emergeleadership.net

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.mills1 Tom Mills

    Preston, I can sympathize. My small creative consulting practice pays the bills, but I’m really passionate about the green videos site I’m just starting (GreenShortz.com)…no passive revenue streams yet. Kids here too. My question for you (and one I ask myself a lot), what will it take to just serve one master…the one you’re most passionate about. So, if you could just do one, which would it be? If you could stop practicing law and just blog, or dial back the law gig…could it work?

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