Delta Taps the Maker Movement: Giveaway

If you’ve been following the story about my participation in the Delta 2012 Maker/DIY Blogger Event last week — Part I and Part II — you’re probably as impressed with the Delta Faucet Company as I am! You also might have caught the little teaser I gave at the end of my last article about a GIVEAWAY! And oh boy, is it a good one!

One Jetson Green readers will receive a single handle kitchen faucet featuring Delta’s proprietary Touch20 technology! The lucky winner can choose from one of the following styles: Addison, Trinsic or Pilar.

To participate in this giveaway contest for one of these awesome faucets (valued at an average of $600), leave a comment here by midnight MST on Tuesday, July 10, 2012.  Then watch your emails on Wednesday when the winner will be selected.

The rules are: one comment per person; use a log-in that shares your email with Jetson Green; this giveaway is available only in the United States and is void where prohibited. By leaving a comment, you agree to the terms relating to giveaways on Jetson Green.

Disclosure: Delta Faucets invited Jetson Green to Indianapolis and covered expenses during the conference. All opinions are our own. Photo credits: Delta Faucet Company.

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  • Joe

    In it to win it…!!!

  • Xavier Nuño-Whelan

    Want one!

  • kyle

    Great design — I’d sure like to have one!

  • Gail Neuenfeld

    very elegant…..might be the impetus to renovate my kitchen…..I have been vascillating.

  • Kristine

    Love Delta faucets way more than Delta airlines!

  • DanJ01

    Awesome stuff, and nice timing with my kitchen remodel.

  • kellygirl

    I’m about to redo my kitchen… sure would like a Trinsic faucet in my new modern kitchen!

  • jill matyastik

    I love learning about LEED and renewable things on your blog!

  • Cindy A.

    I would love to win one of these! Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

  • Breanne

    Love it!

  • Gene Bramblett

    These Delta faucets are all so beautiful!! The Trinsic with the Touch20 Technology is awesome…I’ll take it…and thanks!

  • AnnaZed

    Those are so beautiful. I think the sad faucet in our master bath is from 1973.

    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  • crnelson

    Great giveaway! I like the second and third styles.

  • Tara Lulka

    Love the designs- Hard to choose which to like but the first one would better suit my needs. I need a new faucet. I would definately be drawn to these innovative designs as replacement for mine! :)

  • Michelle Rushton

    Very sleek design, yet could fit into style of home.

  • eeLsirhC

    I like the technical design innovations, they respond to needs that most people find missing. Still, I want a foot actuated, articulated kitchen faucet. And a big one at that. As for the trend spotting, they need to dump it. Make something inspired instead. Lead don’t follow.

  • Brian

    My faucet saw these pictures and now feels ugly!

  • Kitty

    Love the sleek faucets!

  • Sean

    I’m interested…

  • brett

    I live in Michigan and they say we have so much water that trying to utilize water saving devices is pointless. I say BS. I need this. Less water draw is a good thing anywhere.

  • DrLisa

    Beautiful faucets, I’d love to have one!

  • todd

    I’ve always enjoyed the blog.

  • Maryam

    Beautiful designs and clever innovation. A great incentive to save water.

  • jmd

    I’m getting my water from a broken pipe left by Tropical Storm Irene…a new faucet would be nice…so would a new house…

  • Dan N.

    Love the concept, even better would be to move an innovation from the laboratory to the kitchen: foot pedal-activated faucets.

  • Russ

    I find the organic, sculptural design of the Delta
    Addison faucet to have a very pleasing if not sensual appearance. The Delta
    Addison faucet looks as if it has grown from the very counter top it proudly
    adorns. Any kitchen that incorporates its function and design into its décor
    would be elevated to a higher level of finish and


  • [email protected]

    So hard to chose a favorite, but I think the Addison is ahead of the Trinsic, only by a small fraction in my design plan. I do love the variety of finishes available… that matt finish gold is quite stunning. I also really like that I could incorporate a faucet like this in my existing kitchen with the plate included to cover the two unnecessary holes in the counter / sink.
    Pick Me!

  • JP

    My wife and I are getting ready to build an icf passive solar house and the Delta Trinsic faucet would be perfect for it!!!!! Hoping for an e-mail on Wednesday and one less item to buy for it!

    • Preston

      JP, you’re the lucky winner! I’ve emailed you separately for your information for shipment.

  • PCMajewski

    Perfect timing for my kitchen re-model!

  • mark vallianatos

    thanks for the chance

  • Miles Dowling

    thia addison faucet looks AMAZING!!

  • dementeddoll

    i love love love the addison. we had recently bought a faucet and not even 1 year later there is tape around the top. what a disappointment! thanks for the opportunity!!!

  • Jeff

    My wife is coveting one of these. Of course, her lust for a new faucet is matched only by her disbelief that I broke our current one while demonstrating the proper way to force the handle on and off. I’d be a (gentle) hero with a new Delta faucet.

  • Kathy Stringer

    This silver faucet is wonderful!!! I could build my new kitchen around it!

  • Andrew Telker

    That’s sexy. A very feminine design, a mix between a woman and a flower.
    [on Addison image #1]

    Simplified, modern , industrialized, “to the point”
    [on Trinsic image #2]
    Elegant, clean, chic’ and dynamic.
    [on Pilar image #3]

    Upon first glance, it is easy to be compelled by what I would call sculpture. Each faucet depicted is stunning, visually remarkable, and elegant in style. I expect that from a premiere company like DELTA.
    What I am most impressed with is science, and the “Touch 20 technology”: (hands-free activation, which can sense your presence with remarkable accuracy, turning on and off immediately after you remove your hands)
    What stood out most in this article is that the Senior Product Development Manager Paul Patton seemed eager to assure customers that the water conservation (WC) efforts by DELTA would not compromise the user experience of the product. I can totally relate to this concern, as an Architectural Designer and LEED AP. I have worked on many projects were the clients felt uneasy/untested about the performance of WC related fixtures and systems. Knowing DELTA strives to serve both needs is really impressive as a consumer and Designer. Faucet design and technology has really come a long way in the past few years,

  • Greg Holmberg

    I’m just starting construction on a complete remodel of my 1961 California ranch into a modern style. One of these Delta touch faucets would be perfect!

  • Cindy Bigi

    I LOVE these faucets. They are adorable. Especially the cute ladylike Addison design faucet.
    I didnt know DELTA made faucets like these until I saw a post for the link, and read the BLOG. We have a faucet in the home, and it doesnt look handsome at all. It looks kind of old and sad, and it leaks day and night. I just thought faucets were ALL like that. However, the DELTA faucets I am looking at (on here) are works of art; sculpture. I cant even imagine having something like that in the kitchen. What a dream come true it would be. My husband and I would be so happy to have a faucet that looked great, and worked great! I read about the hands free technology, so I know I can use it and not tarnished or dirty it. Now, that’s thinking. With that type of design, I should be able to use it for the next 10 years and still see some luster and shine.

    Ok, my favorite part about the article that Lisa wrote, was learning that the engineers and industrial designer film people using their product, and then study the film to see what a typical person does at the sink. This is genius at its best! Science meets design meets technology. I am blown away that you guys followed up with your custmers to see if things really woked or not, and then continually improve upon the design. Maybe, that is your best kept secret guys! Thanks for sharing :]

  • m. johnson

    These faucets are like artwork I tell ya.

  • Darrell C

    I’ve been wanting to remodel my late 1940’s kitchen and one of these faucets would surely complement our design.

  • Sean Laverty

    Those are all pretty stunning, but I too wonder about foot pedals. I’ve always wanted a foot pedal since I saw one in a lab.

  • David Sigmon

    Delta has always been an innovator in practical yet stylish faucets.

  • David Sigmon

    Delta has always been an innovator in practical yet stylish faucets.

  • David Sigmon

    Delta has always been an innovator in practical yet stylish faucets.

  • afloyd

    In the process of remodeling the kitchen and using all of the resources available to make it functional, beautiful, and at the same time ‘green’. The great news is that with companies like Delta making a commitment to their products, this will be easy!

  • Anthony Thomas Sharp

    After seeing the first 2 posts, I’m quite impressed with Delta. The rocker switch for stream or spray is genius, as well as using a magnet to hold the nozzle in place. With all these comments about foot pedals, I think I’ll be designing one myself.

  • Lou

    That sure would look nice in my kitchen.

  • april aultman becker

    Still in the very early phases of building our container house and these are so much nicer than the Ikea version we can afford!

  • NelsonL

    I installed a Delta Leland faucet in our kitchen a couple of years ago. My wife and I still rave about it’s great looks, easy care and ease of use. The magnetic holder on the spout is a winner.
    We now are in the process of building a Passivhaus home and plan to include accessible design features. I think that the Touch2O technology available from Delta is a great fit for accessable design in addition to being a convenience feature. And they look great!

  • david

    I also dream of a foot actuated kitchen faucet that is also articulated. Hope some MFRs are reading these…

  • Villalta Interiors

    Looking at my old (installed in 1973) kitchen faucet, I could use a new Delta Touch20, Addison faucet! I love It’s swan-like but sturdy structure! It would make washing dishes, which I dislike most about cooking for my family, a pleasure for sure!

  • luminous nw

    I’m a little worried that if I get one of these faucets I’ll have to re-do my entire kitchen!

  • David L

    These are beautiful designs. One of them would make a wonderful start to my future kitchen remodel. Keep up the good work!

  • John Bischoff

    I plan never again to another product from Delta Faucet Company as today for the very first time I attempted to use the lifetime warranty I was told I have on my Delta kitchen faucet (Debonaire model). The hose is leaking so after I tried to buy a replacement hose at Lowe’s Hardware, I took Lowe’s advice and called Delta Faucet Company (DFC). Much to my surprise, they told me I needed the receipt for the 10 yr old purchase. I explained I didn’t have it, so I said that’s okay let me just purchase one. I asked the cost and they told me $92.00!!! Is there anyway to justify the price of a replacement hose from the manufacturer of $92.00? I will never, ever buy a Delta product and do my very best to convince others never to buy from this company. This is happened to me today, July 11, 2012. My name is John Bischoff of Seffner, FL. I am livid at how this company treats its customers. It is absolutely shameful.

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