Bright Cargo Container Casa in Chile

This bright orange home was made with two 40-foot and three 20-foot shipping containers in Santiago, Chile.  Due to our publication of various shipping container homes, the architect, Rubén Rivera Peede, shared Liray House with Jetson Green recently, and you’ll find more vibrant photos and a floor plan below.

As background, the owners wanted an earthquake-resistant home at an affordable price, and Peede was able to deliver a design to suit those needs using the container units as the structure.  Proyecto ARQtainer built Liray House in three months for about $75,000 USD.

The three short containers have the living room and kitchen, while the two long containers have the bedrooms and bathrooms.  The home was raised off the ground and plumbing was placed in the crawl space.

Original container flooring was removed and replaced with hardwood flooring.  Existing container doors were used to structure the balconies.  The builder installed energy-efficient windows, insulated the walls and ceiling with spray-applied cellulose to avoid thermal and acoustic bridges, and then finished the interior with drywall.

[+] More about shipping container Liray House in Chile.

Credits: Rubén Rivera Peede.

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  • Mike M

    If they can build one in the States for $75K, I would seriously consider buying one.

    • Alex Klein

      You can do this in the States for $75 a foot, IF you invest sweat equity and the “Three R’s – Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose”. We teach families to do it all the time.

  • Henry Williams

    This is quite simple but also complicated. How did you even get such an Idea?

  • Tara Hodnett

    I would love to get more information about these container home.

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  • Jeannette

    I would Love to buy a shipping container home. How do I go about it? I purchased land a little over a year ago and I’m definitely open to purchasing a container home.

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