Bespoke Green Railing by BOK Modern

In the midst of an effort to reduce costs associated with standard pipe railing on a multifamily project, the founders of BŌK Modern happened upon innovation.  Their epiphany came when they decided to use laser-cut flat metal formed using computer-automated machines (to reduce welding, grinding, and other unnecessary hand labor).  Some of the panels were on display at the recent Pacific Coast Builders Conference, and editor Dan Gregory said they were “striking.

The panels can be used for balcony railings, stair panels, guardrails, juliet balconies, fences, gates, wall screens, green screens, and canopies, etc, as shown in the above diagram.

BŌK Modern is available in several thicknesses, materials, and finishes.

BŌK is made in California with completely recyclable aluminum or steel with up to 100% recycled content.  Generally, the architectural panels can be purchased with a anodizing or low- or no-VOC powder coat finish.

[+] More about architectural metal panels by BŌK Modern.

Credits: BŌK Modern.

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  • AnnaZed

    I wonder in public applications (like say a school setting or public housing) if those are strong enough to withstand pressure from the side; if they would buckle if people climbed or leaned on them too much.

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