When I first saw what Vine Saccento was doing with v100 Mod Box, I was impressed.  And I’m still impressed as his prototype has been rolled out recently in the form of three prefab homes at the southern end of downtown Phoenix at 749 S. Second Street.  One is rented by Tom Kelly, CEO of Schaller Anderson, and designer Saccento is living in another.

The prefab homes rent for the going rate of $875, which includes two 10-foot boxes that sandwich a covered deck space of eight-by-10 feet.  One box has the living room and kitchen, while the other has the bedroom and bathroom.

I hope to share some better photos of these prefabs in the future, though a slideshow is available for viewing on the Phoenix Business Journal.  As you can see, the interior is finished with luxe items such as a Duravit sink, LG Hi-MACS countertops, and Fagor induction cooktop, fridge, and combo washer/dryer. The dark walnut cabinetry is by Saccento’s business partner, Robert Mazzullo.

The build is proprietary, but Saccento says these homes are not built with nails, screws, paint, or drywall — believe it or not.  So the result is unlike anything else on the market and could be used as workforce houses, ADUs, lofts, studios, sheds, you name it.

[+] More about these ultra-modern v100 Mod Box prefabs.

Credits: Vine Saccento (#1-2), Schaller Anderson (#3).