Old Seattle Home Gets an Energy Upgrade

This is a green home in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle and another energy-efficient renovation by Green Canopy Homes.  The company — which also renovated The Sentinel — is targeting Built Green 3 Star certification with help of comprehensive air sealing, extra foam and rigid insulation, Energy Star windows, a home electricity monitor, heat-pump water heater, Energy Star ductless heat pump, and CFL lighting.

The preliminary Energy Performance Score had the 1924-built Keaton (GCH’s name for the home) using ~43,000 kWh per year in energy.  Final EPS came in at ~11,000 kWh per year in energy, indicating a marked improvement in the energy performance of the home.

Green Canopy Homes estimates that improvements could result in a savings of about $2,240 per year, according to a Buyer Benefit Package prepared for Keaton.

Beyond efficiency, one interesting thing about Green Canopy Homes is they try to take as much input from the community as possible.  For example, the exterior color — Segovia Red — was selected ahead of Gold Leaf (yellow), Greystone (gray), and Castle Walls (green) through a community campaign.

Keaton is located at 4034 Latona Avenue NE, Seattle, Washington, and is currently listed for sale with John L. Stott, Inc., for the price of $749,950.  It has 3,126 square feet, three bedrooms, and 2.25 bathrooms.

[+] More about the Keaton by Green Canopy Homes.

Credits: Green Canopy Homes.

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  • Chris

    I just got back from Seattle! It was my first time visiting the city and I am in love. Mostly due to the strong eco friendly vibe you get from the communities in Seattle. I am a roofing and home improvement estiamator back home in atlanta for CHOICE roofing group and often find myself alone in the pursuit of making more homes environmentally friendly. Not to say that everyone in Atlanta is against spending a little more upfront to use more local and environmentally friendly products but it is like pulling teeth sometimes. I joked to my company owner to open a branch in Seattle and let me sell there. I told him I felt that the residents seem to share our quest for “GREENER” living. HAHA. I am surprised I just found this blog for the first time but will most definately send my clients here. You can read about our eco friendly pursuit here – http://www.roofing-installers.com/eco-friendly

    PS – I wish the skies looked like they did on the main house image when I visited B) GREAT BLOG Preston!

  • http://www.prostarroofing.com/ roofing contractor San Antonio

    Thank you for sharing his post. This is really an inspiration. This home is such a beauty. If every house is built like this, then our world will be a better place to live in, both for us and for the next generations to come.

  • Jerry Hammack

    When a “green” remodel doesn’t destroy the character of the home, everyone wins – the neighbourhood, the environment and the owner. Nice work!

    Jerry Hammack
    BuildSmart – Turning Owners into Builders

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