One thing you don’t want to do, if you’re interested in buying a prefab home, is pay some company to design something only to find out you can’t afford it in the first place. Or, as mentioned in a recent NY Times article about prefab kit homes, you definitely don’t want to get into the build without a clear vision of the total costs to complete the home. It’s mission critical that the prefab buying process be entirely transparent.

And that’s what Jet Prefab* is out to do. The company, a division of American Green Home Builders, is a builder with its own design, framing, plumbing, painting teams, etc. Jet got into the prefab business knowing the company could guide homeowners through the entire process from start to finish.

In other words, Jet isn’t going to blow a deposit just to price a design. Jet will create a budget up-front so you have the all-in cost in the beginning. It’s their Upfront Commitment.

At the same time, Jet Prefab has worked hard to create a line of homes with palatable pricing. They’ve recently responded to requests and added an affordable home called The One Story. This is a modern ranch design with an open kitchen and living area, two bedrooms, a full bathroom, and an office.

The One Story has 1,040 square feet and is priced at $149,000, with the inclusions and exclusions detailed on the Jet Prefab website. If you’re looking at green prefab, and particularly a prefab with 100% Made in America materials, check this company out.

[+] Visit Jet Prefab for more about The One Story.

*This is a partner article for Jet Prefab who compensated Jetson Green.  All opinions are ours.  We partnered with Jet Prefab to share more about their modern prefab homes.