Cozy Connect:2 Prefab Wows California

I mentioned the launch of Connect:Homes recently and how the founders of this company hope to reinvent modular prefab with a unique approach.  They took a big first step towards doing that with a prototype home on display at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles last weekend.  The crowds, from everything I’ve heard, deeply enjoyed this warm, contemporary abode and the interior touch of style by Kishani Perera.

This is the Connect:2.1 plan with one bedroom, one bathroom, and a galley kitchen that greets a covered outdoor deck space.  Treat this as a detached studio, backyard guesthouse, or vacation retreat, and you’ll be hard pressed to go wrong, I’d say.

Perera outfitted the place with all sorts of product from West Elm.  There’s also a design package that includes Energy Star appliances, water-efficient fixtures, non-toxic materials, recycled-content surfaces and tiles, LED and CFL lighting, low-VOC sealants, and no-VOC paints.

For the new purchaser, Connect:2.1 has a base price of $105,000, though upgrades, delivery, installation, and site work will push the price up a little more.  If you missed the green home at Dwell on Design 2012, it’ll be relocated to Venice for open houses and other events in the next couple months.

[+] More about modern sustainable prefab by Connect:Homes.

Credits: Bethany Nauert, West Elm.

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  • Luca Brammer

    Hey Preston,

    Did you see the Sustain CaliSolo at Dwell on Design? We built the home in Partnership with Sustain Design Studios. Let me know if you would like some pictures of the home as well. Thanks!

  • PHSantos

    I really like the concept… But the living room layout could be better achieved by the decorator. The layout proposed in the Connect Homes site is far better.
    Anyway… Its a great initiative that raises the bar on prefab homes.
    Congratulations to all the people behind this project!

  • Brian Bellinger

    Yeah, I guess it okay, except for when you look up and see some nasty OSB, and rough framing in that central beam pocket running the length of the house….maybe that was just overlooked?

    • Connect

      Good eye. The photographer came before the house was finished. Setting up a house in a day and coordinating with interior designers and photographers isn’t as easy as it looks…

  • Stephanie Forman

    Almost there! With delivery, installation and foundation you are looking at estimated $128k. I dont remember now if this included an estimate for permits.
    I love the exterior (btw the amazingly functionaly sliding shades cost extra) but the floor layout doesnt really do much for me. I am still in love with RR’s LV.
    The search continues!
    Brain: Looking at other pics, it appears they did forget to finish off the OSB in the central beam. Its hard to tell though. It is an eye sore, but nothing a little paint cant hide I suppose.
    PhSantos: Ditto and Ditto

  • Cdesignm

    $164/sf for the base model FOB? Are you kidding? The ONLY reason to do prefab is time . Site built will beat these Dwell-ish homes every time unless these companies wake up and start really innovating past niche markets and providing better designs at $60-70/sf FOB.

    • Adrian Dobru

      You are quite right,Cdesignm!I really don´t understand how you americans,in these downturn economic times, can not come up with a nice prefab building concept that is truly affordable.Every time when a new prefab company pops up they say that they are affordable but,in fact, they are in the same price range as the other manufacturers(+/-).They need to start calculating the sale price beginning with their production costs and adding a decent gross margin and not coming backwards with a discount aplied to the well-known and established 250USD/sf.

  • D_K

    Should be less expensive considering all the Ikea cabinetry and other budget finishes. I think they spent too much on the steel framing to make it more portable. Not sure how that saved them more money than the shipping costs.

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