This is the first and only UL-listed, 120-volt, plug-and-play solar kit in the world, according to SpinRay Energy.  The DeckPower120 comes with one, 240-watt solar panel and can be hung on a deck or elsewhere outdoors using a simple mount bracket.  The system allows for up to 1,300 watts of AC power with five solar panels and should qualify for available federal (and sometimes state) tax credits.

Upon installation and plugging into a standard 120-volt outlet (with a continuous use cover), the DeckPower120 starts producing energy for your home.

Of course, safety is a critical point of discussion when it comes to these DIY-type systems.  SpinRay Energy’s DeckPower120 has UL-listed solar monocrystalline panels and microinverters.  If there’s a loss of power from the utility, the inverter will immediately cease any backfeeding for the safety of line workers.

The DeckPower120 solar appliance is currently sold on for $1,099 and the reviews have been positive from what I’ve seen so far. What do you think?

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Credits: SpinRay Energy; noticed at CNET.