LEED Platinum Shoebox House in Santa Fe

This is The Shoebox House in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It’s an award-winning design — Citation Award from the Santa Fe chapter of the AIA — that also captured LEED Platinum certification with 88 points, a phenomenal feat given some of the challenges.  Architect and builder Gabe Brown, Praxis Design/Build, was able to put a 1,700 square foot home on a 2,300 square-foot L-shaped lot, while still giving the owner a separate art studio, a gallery-like living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a study.

One interesting fact about the design of the home is how Brown was able to get it done while the owners were living in Bangkok.  Using Google Sketchup — which, by the way, was recently sold to Trimble — Brown and the owners exchanged ideas from opposite time zones to iterate the design to completion.

The result is a green home that cost $188 per square foot to build.

The living room is an art gallery that cantilevers off the detached art studio on the ground level.  The kitchen is opposite the cantilevered view, while the study is also on the ground level with a bathroom and the other rooms.

Praxis completed the home in about seven months.  The exterior is stucco and the long cylindrical elements, pictured, are for rainwater catchment.  Elsewise, The Shoebox House received a HERS Index of 58 and EPA Indoor airPLUS certification, too.

[+] More photos of the LEED Platinum Shoebox House in New Mexico.

Credits: © Laurie Allegretti. 

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  • Lurker

    sweet house and design.  well done. where is the solar electric and hot water…it is New Mexico for heaven’s sake and a cistern would be wise in the desert no? anyway I think it is cool.

  • http://www.cbsinks.com/ Cee

    beautiful pretty house! Has such a clean & stylish look

  • MaryDRambo

    That’s a really nice and cozy looking shoebox house and to think that it’s Leed certified. I believe they deserve the award. Every space is functional, clean and orderly.

  • http://www.123dview.com/ Chris Collins

    Very nice and cozy interior! Thanks for posting! 

  • Sfieldscullowhee

    My only issue is the details of the shower: tough to keep clean.

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