Reclaimed Barn Wood that is FSC Certified

If you like the look of reclaimed wood — and you might, it’s really popular right now — then Pioneer Millworks should be on your radar.  The company, located in Farmington, New York and McMinnville, Oregon, carries FSC certification for all of its reclaimed wood and has saved more than 21 million board feet of wood from barns, industrial buildings, and the like.  Pioneer Millworks has flooring, siding, paneling, timbers, etc, and it’s all nice stuff.  I could think about where to use these materials all day long.

[+] More about reclaimed barn wood products by Pioneer Millworks.

Credits: Pioneer Millworks; noticed at 3Rings

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  • Stephanie

    A good resource.  However, stealing barn wood for resale or personal use has been a problem in remote parts of the Southwest for years.  I would like to know how, and from whom, the wood was obtained.

    • Andrew

      Considering this company is located in the Northwest and Northeast of the US, I would assume the barn wood in the Southwest is safe…

      I would also assume all the wood they reclaim is done by legal means through estates/farms with excess of wood, deconstructed barns/homes/buildings, purchased as salvage from large recycling companies or from contractors after a successful demolition of a property.

    • Jennifer

      Stephanie, At Pioneer Millworks, our wood acquisitions department works with land owners that contact us via our website, if the wood has value, we negotiate a fair sale of the wood. Other times we work with demo contractors, wineries, and other property/factory owners. To date we’ve “rescued” over 21,000,000 board feet from rot, fire, and land fills. Please check us out on line and see for yourself:

  • CW

    I learn about things at this website that I wouldn’t otherwise know about. I don’t live that far from McMinnville, and I’ve never heard of the company. A good source to know about.

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