Nido is a Finnish Micro Cabin on the Lake

News of this 96-square-foot micro cabin was first published at Tiny House Listings a few months back, though you may start seeing it on sites all over the web.  The tiny house was conceived and built in Finland by Robin Falck with a footprint purposely small enough to not need permits.  Falck enlisted the help of architects to vet the technical aspects and built the tiny house in two weeks for about $10,500 (just the materials).  That includes views, a 50-square-foot loft, kitchen, bathroom, and a living room.

[+] More about Robin Falck’s build of Nido Micro Cabin.

Credits: Robin Falck. 

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  • PabloMSU

    Hi Preston — the link at the end of the article to get more info about the Nido Micro Cabin is Dead; it takes you to a page that says Error 403: Access is Forbidden.

    • Preston

      Yeah I think the site is down from this going viral. The site has a first person account from Robin. Hoping it comes back.

  • Sarah Mcpherson

    This is ausome!! Now everyone can afford simple living cottage style! Love it

  • willb

    Is there any chance of the builder supplying the plans? I’d happily buy them. Could he publish more photos perhaps, especially of the kitchen and bath? Very curious how he did the electric.

  • Jennifer

    I want one!!

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