This is the first Energy Star qualified home in British Columbia, according to builder Mandala Homes.  The company’s been around since 2000, and this is their new, round showcase with passive solar design, tuned windows, non-toxic finishes, a custom greenhouse, and all sorts of materials that emphasize energy efficiency.  It’s owned by Mandala Homes president Lars Chose and partner Rachel Ross.

The Chose-Ross Residence has 2,300 square feet, which includes three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a workshop, two outdoor rooms, and a storage room.

Chose-Ross was finished on the outside with Western Red Cedar siding and trim and fir post and beams, while the interior is finished with Western Red Cedar ceilings, cork flooring, ceramic tile, fir trim, Yolo and Natura no-VOC paints, and no-VOC finishes from EcoCrete and Vermont Natural.

This green prefab conserves energy with deep overhangs, LEDs and CFLs, an HRV, thick walls (R34), an insulated roof (R66), fiberglass-insulated dual-pane windows, skylights, solar tubes, an ICF foundation, and Energy Star appliances.

Mandala Homes sells a prefab shell for between $60 – $90 per square foot.  The shell, which can be shipped all over the world, includes the floor and roof systems, exterior walls, windows and hardware, interior cedar siding, a central skylight, and door package, etc.  Site work, transportation, and button up work, etc, are the buyer’s responsibility.

[+] Visit Mandala Homes for more about round, panel-frame houses.

Credits: Brandon Knapp; Rachel Ross (#2 only).