Today GE introduced a new and innovative 100-watt replacement bulb that uses only 27 watts with the help of LEDs and jet technology.  The Energy Smart bulb won’t be available until the first half of 2013 at an undetermined price, though the technology will be on display at the LIGHTFAIR conference that’s being held in Las Vegas this week.

In a statement, GE explained the jet technology that’s used to cool the 100-watt replacement:

LEDs are semiconductors that produce light. They must be cooled to ensure long life. In collaboration with GE, Nuventix developed a method for moving air to cool LEDs using an oscillating membrane, called a synthetic jet (an alternative to a fan), which fits within the envelope of the A-19 bulb shape.

The Energy Smart bulb outputs more than 1,600 lumens, has a 3,000 K temperature, lasts 25,000 hours and is dimmable, mercury-free, and instantly bright.

Moreover, the bulb is soft white when not in use.  Apparently, GE ran market research on this and found that buyers prefer white over say, for example, the yellow on the L-Prize bulb.

Credits: GE.