The main driver for the performance and affordability of the recently-mentioned Rainbow Duplex is a panelized prefab system of construction that was designed to help projects meet the Passive House standard.  BC Passive House in Canada has a manufacturing plant that’s making these panels, and I thought it would be interesting to share what’s inside the company’s next-gen, high-performance panels.

As for the wall section (R52), from the exterior to the interior, the prefab panel has:

  1. Siding with rainscreen;
  2. Diffusion board (open to outside);
  3. 2×8 studs (or higher per PHPP);
  4. Blown cellulose insulation;
  5. OSB sheathing (taped and sealed) with service wall;
  6. 2×4 studs;
  7. Batt rock wool insulation; and
  8. Gypsum board.

Below, you can see the detail for the roof (R66) and floor (R66) panels as well.

For windows, BC Passive House supplies Optiwin windows from Austria and suggests the use of something that is triple-pane with insulated glazing, argon, low-E coatings, and free of thermal bridging.

For those of you heavily involved in designing and building Passive House or near Passsive House projects, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts about the above detail.

[+] More about The Prefab Panelized System by BC Passive House.

Credits: BC Passive House.