USB U-Socket is People’s Choice at KBIS

This is yet another “Must-See” product and the People’s Choice winner at KBIS 2012.  Called U-Socket, the AC wall outlet has two USB 3.0-compatible power ports and can be installed on a 16 cubic inch or larger single gang electrical box, according to Fastmac, the manufacturer.  The listed product meets UL and NEC specifications and carries a 5-star energy-efficient design.  The USA-made outlet has a smart sensor that recognizes when a device is charged and shuts down, cutting back on vampire energy.

[+] Purchase a U-Socket from Fastmac for $24.95.

Credits: Fastmac. 

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  • Thom Westergren

    This will be good for about three years—five max, till the next generation of connectivity takes over (they’re putting this stuff in cars, too. Same problem. 

    • Larry

      I agree.  The outlet will never change but computer connectors will. 

    • AbbiV

      Actually, it’s just starting to become a standard. See this Wikipedia entry for more information on the USB standard for cell phones:

      The main reason for setting a standard is due to the huge number of cell phones that are sold every year. That number is over 1 billion (the world’s population is 7 billion, which means 1 out of every 7 people on the planet buys a new cell phone every year :-o). This new standard will eventually require phone manufacturers to stop including chargers with each phone they sell. This will result in 1 billion less chargers in our land fills. You can already see this in action at Apple; they no longer provide AC Adapters with iPods, even the iPod touch. A day will come when Apple will stop bundling chargers with iPhones and iPads O:-)

      So, computer connectors may come & go, but the standard for charging your mobile devices is just getting started…

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