If you have a lawn, you have several options to keep it neat this Spring, but the human-powered reel mower is probably one of more environmentally friendly ways to go about it.  These things have anywhere from 4-7 blades, 14-20-inch widths, and varying weights, depending on the build of the chosen model.  But what’s the best reel mower for your yard?  It depends on your situation, though Mowers Direct picked these models based on retail pricing, recent sales history, customer reviews, and company insight.

Good: GreenWorks, Model 25062
⇊ 18″ width, 5-blade reel mower – MSRP $119.99 ⇊

Better: Husqvarna 64 Novocut, Model 964 95 40-03 64
⇊ 16″ width, 6-blade reel mower – MSRP $159.99 ⇊

Best: NaturCut Ideal 40, Model 16040
⇊ 16″ width, 5-blade reel mower – MSRP $179.99 ⇊

Are you using a reel lawn mower?  What do you like/dislike about your model?

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