SmartDeco is Simple, Affordable, and Green

Here’s an interesting product that got its start with a successful funding from Kickstarter.  SmartDeco is affordable, engineered, blank furniture made with 100% recyclable Enviroboard — a light-weight corrugated fiberboard, like cardboard, but with a middle layer of oscillating arcs for strength.  The flat-pack furniture is made in California and folds in places without the need of tools.  Available pieces include a stand, dresser, and desk, and all of these items are available for about $65 or less each (white costs a little more).

[+] More about SmartDeco furniture made in the USA.

Credits: SmartDeco.

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  • Tristan Titeux

    This looks like a great way to save on resources because it is lightweight and save on transport cost because of the light weight again, plus practically it is easier to move around and deal with, so less broken backs! Great furniture!!

    Tristan Titeux

    • Laura@ white wood furniture

      Hey thanks for your nice and useful reply. 

      • Tristan Titeux

        You are welcome, sorry never saw this before! I hope it’s going well with you, connect on facebook or wherever search my name on google :)

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