SunShower SSIP House Built in NOLA

In September 2010, I mentioned the winning design in a competition involving steel SIPs from OceanSafe.  The REOSE Sunshower SSIP model, designed by Tulane University professors of architecture, Judith Kinnard and Tiffany Lin, is now complete and demonstrates a home that can withstand hurricane-force winds and extreme weather while still incorporating the latest in energy- and water-saving technologies.

Located at 222 Harrison Avenue in New Orleans, Sunshower SSIP House was built with readily available, off the shelf materials that fit in a single cargo container.  The idea is that a kit of the same materials could be deployed elsewhere to create a home fit for post-disaster recovery.

The Oceansafe SSIP panels are made with an EPS core and galvalume panels that snap together to withstand winds of up to 225 mph and an earthquake of up to an 8.6 magnitude.

Sunshower has about 1,050 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Part of the roof is optimized for 5 kW of solar panels, while the other funnels water into a 1,000 gallon Rainwater Pillow.  The home also benefits from solar thermal, geothermal, a small wind turbine, and back-up batteries.

Woodward Design + Build and C&G Construction built the Sunshower SSIP House with sustainable design consultant The Regen Group for a total estimated construction cost of between $110,000 – $150,000 (roughly 60 vendors contributed materials to the home).

[+] More about the Sunshower SSIP House in New Orleans.

Credits: Oceansafe and The Regen Group.

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  • ph0rque

    So, the price comes out to $105 to $143 per square foot… not bad! My ideal energy efficient house would be about 1500 square feet at $100 per square foot, so this is getting close.

  • Kevin

    In NOLA ?? I give it two weeks and will be the Greenest Crack house on the block !!

    • sanitylvr

       It is sad how the web has seen a rise in ugly human beings making pathetic and childish comments trying to bring us down to their level. The house looks great. Thanks for showing it Jetson Green.

    • sanitylvr

       It is sad how the web has seen a rise in ugly human beings making pathetic and childish comments trying to bring us down to their level. The house looks great. Thanks for showing it Jetson Green.

      • Kevin

        You don’t know me !!! It’s not a childish comment. Look at the FBI crime and drug epidemic in NOLA. The comment is based on facts ! Look it up, educate yourself.

        • sanitylvr


          my comment is not dependent on knowing you personally. It is a response to your
          words. Criticism, satire, wit, disagreement etc., are not bad things, but
          adolescent taunts are becoming the dominant focus of internet dialogue. 
          That is what I mean by taking us down to your level. I have begun to react to
          this attitude and it’s lack of substance.

          To clear it up for you and your assumption, I know intimately about NOLA’s


           I will try to give you a view of how I see
          what you wrote. I now live in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico (by way of
          Seattle). This county has the highest rate of overdose deaths from Heroin in
          the country.  Will my house become a Heroin
          den because I live in this county? How absurd. I am glad to see a family move
          into a Habitat For Humanity house down the road that I worked on, knowing the
          challenges. It seems to me that there is a group of “warriors against change”
          who amplify each others emotional barks without having a clue as to what is
          going on. If the “movers and shakers” listened to those like amoyer147 on this
          thread, we would be in deep trouble. Easy to pick. Hard to create.

  • Mike

    What’s real cost including donated material and labor?

    • amoyer147

      Ahh….yeah I almost missed that part too.  I love the “green” folks fuzzy math, especially on the prototype houses.  It costs this much and they don’t tell you it’s not the market value of the parts; some are donated and some are bought with discounts.  My guess is it is probably 2x or 3x this cost.  It tends to be this way with these types of houses.

      Did anybody else think you were looking at a house designed by fisher price?  I did by the first picture.  This site needs to dig up the plans and more pictures for articles on houses.  I guess the house just isn’t that nice on the inside.

      So what breaks when the 225 mph wind comes through?  The ugly green panel system stays together but I bet the middle part breaks off because all the wind is funneled through that horrible entry area.

  • Guest

    SpongeBob SpongeBob!

  • Lesle Alvarado

    I wouldn’t say this house is ugly … but you can see other homes in a couple of pictures and this one just doesn’t match the neighborhood at all.  I find that incredibly unattractive in a house.

  • cmkavala

    Steel SIPs are the only way to build in termite infested NOLA

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