A Low-Flow Showerhead with Flow

A sleek modern design, the Caroma Flow gives you enough reason install it even before looking at gallons per minute.  At 1.5 GPM, Flow is among the lowest flow showerheads on the market.  (A limited few low-flow heads have been recorded at 1.25, 1, and even .55 GPM.)

Recently having gone through personal trials of the Caroma Flow, the engineering team designed a nozzle which pressurizes the water so you won’t miss a drop.

I was very impressed with the ease and comfort of switching between spray patterns and adjusting the direction of showerhead.  Caroma has manufactured a high quality product in the Flow showerhead, versatile enough for a variety of design settings.  It retails for about $47 but can be found for less online.

[+] More about the Caroma Flow showerhead.

Photo credit: Caroma. 

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  • Elgabachero

    The High Sierra showerhead is the best and is made in the USA.

  • http://www.kocurekindustries.com/ Cores

    They have a nice range of products.

  • http://www.BESTHOUSEFLOORPLANS.COM/ Modular Homes

    Nice to know it’s made in the US.  What a great product to not only support US construction but something that’s great for the environment as well.

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  • http://www.best-shower-head.com High Pressure Shower

    As a landlord I wanted to save water over my standard 2.5 gpm shower
    heads but didn’t want complaints from tenants. Did trial tests with
    female tenants who said their hair washing required good water pressure.
    They all loved it! Some tenants are very excited about it and have
    recommended them to their family and friends. I’m waiting to see affect
    on my next water bills.

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