Loll Debuts Fresh Eco-Friendly Furniture

Just in time for outdoor entertaining and BBQ, Loll Designs introduced a new line called the Fresh Air Collection derived from a flat-pack design for furniture originally intended to be shipped in a prefab, disaster-relief home.  The home never materialized but that didn’t stop Loll from finishing their designs.  The collection is made with paper-composite Richlite for structural bracing and recycled and recyclable HDPE (from milk jugs).  Fresh Air includes a table at $760 and benches from $210.

[+] More about the recycled-content Fresh Air Collection by Loll Designs.

Credits: Loll Designs.

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  • Chuck Newton

    $1,558 for a small plastic table and two plastic benches?  Okay, it is recycled, but over fifteen hundred bucks?  And, this was suppose to be for those who were in need of disaster relief?  As for design, I like it.  But, it looks like something you should be able to buy at Target.

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