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I hope you’re enjoying Earth Day and doing something to better your impact on the planet.  Over the years, I’ve come to realize what’s important on this site is not to criticize others for not doing this or that but to curate and share good insight as much as possible.  And the insight I’m most optimistic about for the future is green prefab.  So I’m going to give away 10 copies of a great prefab book called Prefabulous + Sustainable by Sheri Koones.

But that’s not all.  You may know Koones is hard at work on a second book about prefab called Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid.  When that comes out in about October 2012, I’ll also ship a copy of the new book to the above 10 winners of Prefabulous + Sustainable.  All I ask is you keep me informed if your address changes in the mean time.

This isn’t backed by Koones or her publisher or anything like that.  I just want to give something back to you in appreciation for your readership on Earth Day.  And I think many of you are interested in green prefab, so let me help you fill out your bookshelf on this topic.  If you want to go ahead and buy these books, here’s links to purchase on Amazon:

[+] Prefabulous + Sustainable by Sheri Koones – $25.00.
[+] Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid by Sheri Koones – $24.95.

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