Breezehouse is the New Sunset Idea House

Update 07/30/2012Sunset Idea House Prefab in Healdsburg

Last year Sunset Magazine chose a container home as the Idea House, but this year prefab is taking over with an energy-efficient Breezehouse from Blu Homes.  The home will be built in Blu’s Vallejo factory on the West Coast and can be seen at a “Factory Preview” on Saturday, April 21, 2012, from 1-3 pm (RSVP here).  After that, it’ll be shipped to Healdsburg, California, and open for tours in August 2012.  We’ll try to follow up with more detail when the home is complete.

[+] See renderings of the 2012 Sunset Breezehouse on Facebook.

Credits: Blu Homes.

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  • West Coast Flooring

    Great house! A house that would perfectly breath air inside keeping the house cool without the need of an air conditioner. Certainly an energy saver. Houses these days should be built this way.

  • 333elizabeth

    Love thei house and their product line.  Too bad its not affordable. 

    • Diane Rhodes

      Just so! Lovely house, but I find myself puzzled as to the “efficiency” of such a large, 5K sq ft, prefab. That is way over-sized, no matter the lack of air conditioning.

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