When a large or expensive home is presented on this site, it’s common to get an adverse response from readers requesting that we feature smaller and more affordable homes.  Today, I’m going to take that opportunity to share something called the 50/10 House developed by Cellar Ridge Custom Homes and m.o.daby design in Oregon.

A 50/10 House aims for the sweet spot of performance and cost — it’s 50% more efficient than local code, and the construction requires a reasonable 10% upfront investment.

This graphic explains what goes into a 50/10 House to make it more efficient than code. There’s above-code insulation, heat recovery ventilation, energy-efficient lighting, air sealing in the gaps and cracks, a thermally broken wall system, Energy Star appliances, thoughtful overhangs, carefully placed windows, a high-efficiency water heater, and a mini-split heat pump system.

The homes range in size from about 1,200 – 1,600 square feet and will be oriented to optimize the sun. Roof lines are designed for solar panels, should an owner decide to spend a little more to reach net-zero energy or greater efficiencies.

Cellar Ridge and m.o.daby are currently offering 50/10 Houses from a starting price of $190,000, without land anywhere in the Portland metro area, or from $225,000 with the lot in McMinnville, Oregon.

Though more affordable than custom or architect-designed residential, a 50/10 House is not cookie cutter. Cellar Ridge and m.o.daby, who combined their efforts on the Morning Sun project, offer several architectural styles with alternative floor plans. Furthermore, owners have the ability to customize cladding materials and colors.

[+] More about the elements of a high-performance 50/10 House.

Credits: m.o.daby design.