California-based SolarCity started out with solar and gradually expanded to energy efficiency services.  Now, with more than 5,000 efficiency projects completed or underway, the company wants to help the typical U.S. family save some of about $1,900 that’s spent every year on home utility bills.  The company just announced a plan to make energy-efficiency improvements more accessible with a new Home Energy Loan.

The Home Energy Loan is provided by Boston-based Admirals Bank and, of course, subject to credit approval.  Right now, there are three main loan products available, the one-year “Save Now, Pay Later” option and a three- or 10-year “Pay As You Go” option.

SolarCity starts off with a customized evaluation of a home and uses its own software to evaluate opportunities for improvement in nine area, including air infiltration, insulation, heating, cooling, and duct leakage.  The company then establishes a priority list with home improvement options based on energy and cost savings.

Homeowners can finance the efficiency upgrades, and SolarCity can implement most of the improvements (or make recommendations).  The point is not just to lower energy bills but it’s to help homeowners obtain the benefits of cleaner indoor air and greater interior comfort.

SolarCity currently has energy efficiency services available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

Credit: SolarCity.