Container Home Office Built for Relocation

This is a three-level studio and living space by daiken-met architects in Gifu, Japan.  Called Sugoroku Office, the space is made with seven used shipping containers and a structural steel frame that holds the intermodal units together.  The project sits on a basic parking lot under short-term lease so design for deconstruction and relocation was a critical driver for the end result.  Sugoroku Office has about 1,200 square feet, several work stations, a kitchen, and a loft that’s ready for living.

[+] More about this container-built Sugoroku Office in Gifu, Japan.

Credits: Shinkenchiku-sha; noticed at Design Boom.

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    These containers are very helpful for house and office relocating. This containers give full safety to movers where haven’t any single items will be damaged.

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